Is it a rumor or will Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, be the last team to play at the fabled Yankee Stadium? With Billy Joel’s recent two show musical sendoff at Shea Stadium, will Springsteen give the famed and storied House that Ruth built its final musical send off?
In 2003 Springsteen, a lifetime Yankee fan, initially wanted to play the last three shows of his Rising tour in the Bronx. Yankee officials declined his request citing post season play as the main reason. For the two, New York Area Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famers, there has always been a friendly rivalry. Both have banners hanging from the rafters from their perspective hometown arenas. Joel has the record for most performances at Madison Square Garden and Springsteen has similar records at the Izod Center and Giants Stadium.
As of today, the last scheduled performance for this tour is slated for August 30th at The Roadhouse at the Lakefront in Milwaukee. It can’t be the last show of the tour. The last two tours, Springsteen has finished up with shows in New York City and Yankee Stadium is the logical place to end this tour. It may also be the last time that Springsteen Fans will see the current lineup of the E Street Band. It is believed that Max Weinberg won’t be able to take time off from leading the Max Weinberg 7, the house band for the Conan O’Brien show, which is slated to move to Los Angeles as O’Brien takes over as the host of the Tonight Show. Then there is the Big Man, Clarence Clemmons. He is now 66. Many fans believe with his advanced age and replacement knees, he might not be able to endure another long tour a few years up the road.
Though there is no official word of any further dates, don’t be surprised if Springsteen joins
Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Jackson, Mattingly, Yogi and Jeter all who have left their marks on the field of the most Hollowed Mecca of Spots.