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More News About E Street Lineup!

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Horn section? 18-month tour? Springsteen ‘Loose Lips’ Link Roundup

By Pete Chianca
Bruce Springsteen Inc. is notoriously tight lipped about things like album and tour details, possibly because they tend not to decide these things at the last minute. But fortunately there are plenty of people in Springsteen’s posse who like to blab, meaning a steady stream of interesting (albeit not always entirely accurate) information coming along the Interwebs for our consumption.

The latest example comes from Southside Johnny, who talked to therecord.com and spilled this tidbit late in the story:
And, he notes with a laugh, the musical cross-pollination that began decades ago is still going on — most recently, with Springsteen’s poaching of the Jukes’ brass section.

“He’s stealing my saxophone players to replace Clarence (Clemons, who passed away last year), so we steal from each other’s bands occasionally.”

This confirms what many have thought for a while, although it’s unclear exactly which player(s), and how many, will be coming along on the tour. (Though Ed Manion seems like a must.) The full Miami Horns would be many fans’ preferred scenario — but at this rate it’s entirely possible that we won’t find out until the first rehearsal show. (And no, those aren’t scheduled yet.)

Also, we highly recommend this radio interview (h/t @addictedtovinyl) with Little Steven, featuring a surprise call in from Bob Seger horn man Alto Reed. “It’s early yet … The tour’s probably gonna go a year, a year and a half — who knows?” Stevie declares, probably completely off the top of his head. But we’ll take him at his word!

Meanwhile, in other Springsteen news you may have missed:

· ABC News does an excellent segment on the “secondary market” ticket issue. Is more regulation coming?

· Bruce donates tour tix to raise dough for the U.S. Equestrian Team. This is the rock star equivalent of the rest of us buying our kid’s Girl Scout cookies.

· We like this Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon rumor.

· Stan the Man spills his Springsteen ticket tips. Stan, what are you doing? Those were supposed to be our little secret!

Bruce Adds The Miami Horns For The The Wrecking Ball Tour!

It is now official, Bruce Springsteen will be adding the Miami Horns or maybe you know them as the Asbury Jukes! yes, Bruce will once again add the famed Jersey Shore Horn Section, that has toured with the E Street Band on Previous tours going back to 1977, when Bruce and the band did a short tour to bolster their pocket books when they could not record due to a lawsuit from former Manager Mike Appel.  More recently, Bruce had a horn section for the Seeger Sessions Band, consisting of some members of the Jukes. With the passing of The Big Man, the big question on everyone’s mind was who could or the better question who is capable of replacing Clarence’s soulful Sax. If there was a Vegas line for Sax Players, Ed Manion would be the odds on favorite because he has experience with Bruce and history with the band. He is also a local guy who Bruce seems comfortable with. When Danny Federici passed away, he chose keyboard player Charlie Giordano, who also toured with the Segger Session group and did a great job with those songs. Bruce is no stranger to changing band members. After The Wild, Innocent and E Street Shuffle, Drummer and founding member of what is now the E Street Band, Mad Dog Vinnie Lopez was reeplaced on drums first by Ernest Boom Boom Carter. Piano player David Sancious took Carter with him afer they recorded the song Rorn to Run and started a the jazz band Tone. Then there was the famous ad in the Village Voice looking for a piano player and drummer. Max Weinberg and Roy Bittan were brought aboard during Born to Run. Also added to the band was Stevie Van Zandt, who directed The Brecker Brothers horns for 10th Avenue Freezeout. He another layer guitar parts and also became the defacto E Street Band Leader. This was the group that pretty much created the E Street Band Legend, with albums Born To Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Born in the USA.  After putting BITUSA in the can, Steve felt it was time for him to head in another musical direction and left the band. With the upcoming tour and no guitar player, rumor was that Bobby Bandiera another Asbury Juke, would be the guy to replace Steven.  Bruce surprised everyone when he selected Nils Lofgren. Nils, with his finger style of playing, added a different dimension to the Springsteen catalog and complimented Bruce and the bad to a T. the band didn’t miss a beat.  This was the band that toured with BITUSA and played on Tunnel of Love. Then there was the E-Street Band Hiatus for Bruce. All was finally right with the world in 1999 when Bruce put out Tracks, the multi disc of songs that had been sitting collecting dust. As Steven said, each one of those songs and also the songs of his last offering The Promise, were all lost arguments.  Never were truer words spoken. everyone of those songs were gems. The Re-Union Tour brought back the E street Band with Steven coming back into the fold.  Other than the Seeger Sessions tour and his two solo tours The E Street Band was better than ever and the legend continued till the passing of Danny and Clarence. As in the past history of the band, the show will go on and the die hard fans will not be disappointed. I will say this, I never tire of listening to any of his albums. I enjoy what each group of the E Street Band, The No Name Band, The Seeger Sessions Band.  They have all created their own lilttle bit of music history. Each is so different, yet they have created a catalog of music that is and will always be Bruce Springsteen.  So, here is the latest information from the Man Southside Johnny Lyon who confirms that the Asbury Jukes will be touring with Bruce and the E Street. He also is rumoured to be looking to start a new more scaled down blues band, which may mean some new music from the man everyone considers to be the Grandfather of the Jersey Sound that was rooted in Asbury Park. Enjoy!

Bruce Springsteen Examiner
When I got to the point where I could think past Clarence – an almost  unimaginable point – I thought we needed the Asbury Jukes horns — the E Street  Band should go out bit with that old classic sound I fell in love with as  a17-year-old. In an interview in the Waterloo Journal, Southside Johnny Lyons says  Springsteen has taken his horns — it seemed the next logical step to me but  it’s a long hard realization to actually make it happen.

Here’s an excerpt:

“And, he (Southside) notes with a laugh, the musical cross-pollination that  began decades ago is still going on — most recently, with Springsteen’s poaching  of the Jukes’ brass section.

“He’s stealing my saxophone players to replace Clarence (Clemons, who passed  away last year), so we steal from each other’s bands occasionally.”

When you watch old clips on YouTube, it’s uncanny how closely aligned  Springsteen and Southside are musically — both representative of the Jersey  Shore sound of the ’70s, with its big band rock spiked with romanticism and a  rootsy, heartland ethos.

“He’s got more straight ahead rock ’n’ roll roots and I have more rhythm and  blues roots,” points out Southside. “And I have a horn section and he  doesn’t.”

And now it appears his horn section is going on tour with Springsteen – God  bless Southside and his new Poor Fools ensemble. We’ll support you at every  chance we get, but I’d give anything to hear that Asbury Jukes sound behind  Bruce on any given night. We can only hope, and support all the incredible  artists involved in that Asbury melting pot that’s given us so much sheer joy in  whatever form it takes.

Check out the Waterloo Journal interview here

Continue reading on Examiner.com Maybe my dream has come true: Southside says Bruce has taken his horn section – National Bruce Springsteen | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/bruce-springsteen-in-national/maybe-my-dream-has-come-true-southside-says-bruce-has-taken-his-horn-section#ixzz1l0hbjaqV


There will be a Sax Man!

Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-LedgerE Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren.

Don’t fret, saxophiles.

We don’t know who is going to play it, or how it’s going to be used. But when Bruce Springsteen hits the road this spring, there will still be saxophone in the E Street Band.

E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren confirmed this on Wayne Cabot’s WCBS radio show on Friday. Cabot asked Lofgren if the sax would be gone from the group for good.

“Of course not,” replied Lofgren.

“We all know there is no ‘Clarence 2,’,” Lofgren told Cabot. “He’s irreplaceable.”

But Springsteen may still find a way to incorporate saxophone into his shows.

“Ultimately that will be Bruce’s call,” said Lofgren, “and he’ll come up with something that’s right for himself and the band.”

How Springsteen will cope with the loss of Clemons has been one of the biggest question surrounding his upcoming tour, which comes to the Izod Center on April 3 and 4, Madison Square Garden on April 6 and 9, and the Prudential Center on May 2.

Springsteen raised some eyebrows among devoted fans when he announced the lineup of the latest version of the E Street Band. There was no saxophone player listed. Two adjunct members of the group were announced, too — neither of whom play saxophone. There was no sax solo on “We Take Care of Our Own,” the first single from the upcoming “Wrecking Ball.” How, fans wondered, could the Boss perform many of his most famous songs without a sax sideman?

It is not unreasonable to think that Springsteen might try to tour sans sax. Long before his death, Clarence Clemons’ role in the E Street Band had been substantially reduced. Springsteen albums of recent vintage do not feature many sax solos or reed parts in general.

Possible theories floated by Boss-watchers: Miami Horns reed man Ed Manion, who has played with Springsteen many times, might step in, or a relative of Clarence Clemons could attempt to fill the shoes of the beloved sax player. Springsteen could also choose to add a horn section to his touring band.

The announced lineup of the E Street Band: Roy Bittan on piano and synthesizer, Nils Lofgren, Stevie Van Zandt and Patti Scialfa on guitar and backing vocals, Garry Tallent on bass, and Max Weinberg on drums. Violinist Soozie Tyrell and organist Charlie Giordano will play with the group, but aren’t listed as official members.

Tough Morning, Bright Afternoon

The Glitz world of Ticketmaster is a never ending cycle of frustration and flashbacks to prior years of trying to score Springsteen Tickets.   At first all the posted times for the five shows in the NYC area 2 Izod Center, 2 MSG and 1 at Prudential Center were for 10:00 AM.  This morning, the times were staggerd.  Izod at 10:00, Prudential 11:00 MSG Noon.  So both Marie my wife and I were at the ready at 10:00 AM.  I was going for opening night at the Izod Center, she was trying for night two sitting at her office.  We both got caught in the endless loop of 15 minutes.  I got bumped with an error message, she kept going.  At 11:30 she called would call it quits soon and go to see a patient.  I gave up after the error message at 10:45.  At 11:00, I was trying my luck at Prudential Center.  Again, after the captcha, I was endlessly looping at 15 minutes.  After 30 minutes of waiting (I was preparing my marketing plan and proposal for my own little  tour of coffee shops I am trying to put together.) I was sent an error message. Marie called to let me know she was still looping at 15 minutes what should she do, I said keep with it and see what happens. I felt it was our best chance, she was still in que!  I told her I was out, no chance to get tickets this late in the hour. Even though she was still in the game, she was going to her appointment.  When she hung up, I said what the hell, I did what any true Bruce fan would do, try again.  This time I got a 3 minute waiting message that shifted to 15 minutes and shifted back again.  At this time all hope was gone.  If you ever got on this quickly this late int he game, you would be getting the tickets not availble at your number or price.  It did this for about 3 minutes.  Guess what?  Two tickets appeared on my screen!  Shocked, I grabbed them at once.  I fired off a voice and email message telling Marie we’re in.  Then off I went to run errands.  At 12:30, while on the drive back from the super market, my phone rang, it was Marie, I asked if she saw my email or listend to my message and she said no.  she then said she had gotten tickets.  After she left for her appointment, she kept the computer at the ticketmaster screen.  When she got back, the screen was asking for the captcha, she filled it in and she too was looking at two tickets.  So, after a frustrating 2.5 hours of the two of us waiting and getting error messages and timing out, we were going to two shows!    Shit like this never happens when you try to get Springsteen tickets through Ticketmaster.  Maybe someone was looking out for us?  I wonder if….

Springsteen & Ticketmaster, SOS & Problems Continue

Bruce Springsteen tickets went on sale in the NYC Metro area.  5 shows and of course there were same old problems.  Nothing has changed since the last time Bruce toured. Some old timers might remember when Bruce say during his last song of the evening, “I’m just a prisoner of Rock and Roll.”  Well, he needs to update that line with “I’m just a prisoner of ticketmaster and so are my fans!”  It is t…ime for Bruce and the other big time acts to create their own ticket distribution service.  No way to fans have a chance at tickets, if they are on sale at inflated prices on Stubb Hub or Ebay, before they officially go on sale.  These acts and their management have to know this is happening, their heads are not in the sand.