The Glitz world of Ticketmaster is a never ending cycle of frustration and flashbacks to prior years of trying to score Springsteen Tickets.   At first all the posted times for the five shows in the NYC area 2 Izod Center, 2 MSG and 1 at Prudential Center were for 10:00 AM.  This morning, the times were staggerd.  Izod at 10:00, Prudential 11:00 MSG Noon.  So both Marie my wife and I were at the ready at 10:00 AM.  I was going for opening night at the Izod Center, she was trying for night two sitting at her office.  We both got caught in the endless loop of 15 minutes.  I got bumped with an error message, she kept going.  At 11:30 she called would call it quits soon and go to see a patient.  I gave up after the error message at 10:45.  At 11:00, I was trying my luck at Prudential Center.  Again, after the captcha, I was endlessly looping at 15 minutes.  After 30 minutes of waiting (I was preparing my marketing plan and proposal for my own little  tour of coffee shops I am trying to put together.) I was sent an error message. Marie called to let me know she was still looping at 15 minutes what should she do, I said keep with it and see what happens. I felt it was our best chance, she was still in que!  I told her I was out, no chance to get tickets this late in the hour. Even though she was still in the game, she was going to her appointment.  When she hung up, I said what the hell, I did what any true Bruce fan would do, try again.  This time I got a 3 minute waiting message that shifted to 15 minutes and shifted back again.  At this time all hope was gone.  If you ever got on this quickly this late int he game, you would be getting the tickets not availble at your number or price.  It did this for about 3 minutes.  Guess what?  Two tickets appeared on my screen!  Shocked, I grabbed them at once.  I fired off a voice and email message telling Marie we’re in.  Then off I went to run errands.  At 12:30, while on the drive back from the super market, my phone rang, it was Marie, I asked if she saw my email or listend to my message and she said no.  she then said she had gotten tickets.  After she left for her appointment, she kept the computer at the ticketmaster screen.  When she got back, the screen was asking for the captcha, she filled it in and she too was looking at two tickets.  So, after a frustrating 2.5 hours of the two of us waiting and getting error messages and timing out, we were going to two shows!    Shit like this never happens when you try to get Springsteen tickets through Ticketmaster.  Maybe someone was looking out for us?  I wonder if….