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Horn section? 18-month tour? Springsteen ‘Loose Lips’ Link Roundup

By Pete Chianca
Bruce Springsteen Inc. is notoriously tight lipped about things like album and tour details, possibly because they tend not to decide these things at the last minute. But fortunately there are plenty of people in Springsteen’s posse who like to blab, meaning a steady stream of interesting (albeit not always entirely accurate) information coming along the Interwebs for our consumption.

The latest example comes from Southside Johnny, who talked to and spilled this tidbit late in the story:
And, he notes with a laugh, the musical cross-pollination that began decades ago is still going on — most recently, with Springsteen’s poaching of the Jukes’ brass section.

“He’s stealing my saxophone players to replace Clarence (Clemons, who passed away last year), so we steal from each other’s bands occasionally.”

This confirms what many have thought for a while, although it’s unclear exactly which player(s), and how many, will be coming along on the tour. (Though Ed Manion seems like a must.) The full Miami Horns would be many fans’ preferred scenario — but at this rate it’s entirely possible that we won’t find out until the first rehearsal show. (And no, those aren’t scheduled yet.)

Also, we highly recommend this radio interview (h/t @addictedtovinyl) with Little Steven, featuring a surprise call in from Bob Seger horn man Alto Reed. “It’s early yet … The tour’s probably gonna go a year, a year and a half — who knows?” Stevie declares, probably completely off the top of his head. But we’ll take him at his word!

Meanwhile, in other Springsteen news you may have missed:

· ABC News does an excellent segment on the “secondary market” ticket issue. Is more regulation coming?

· Bruce donates tour tix to raise dough for the U.S. Equestrian Team. This is the rock star equivalent of the rest of us buying our kid’s Girl Scout cookies.

· We like this Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon rumor.

· Stan the Man spills his Springsteen ticket tips. Stan, what are you doing? Those were supposed to be our little secret!