0001_4-740190I don’t think they make you write essays about “what I did on my summer vacation” when you’re a sophomore in college,  but when Evan Springsteen gets back to BC in the fall, he’ll have a fine story to tell about playing beside his famous father in Ireland. Evan played guitar on “American Land” on night 1 in Dublin, joining Clarence’s nephew, Christopher Clemons. This is actually a half-decent video, and the moment where  Bruce plants a peck on his son’s cheek as they both strum away is fairly priceless.

Make sure to watch all the way through to see Springsteen’s slip-and-fall, which is at turns both scary and hilarious, thanks to his theatrical follow-up. He really needs to be careful — if he were in Boston I’d bet he’d be getting a visit from atty. Jim Sokolove today.


So for those of you keeping track at home, the Dublin two-fer makes for at least three E Street progeny (or at least relatives) who’ve taken the stage this tour, the other of course being the incendiary Jay Weinberg. So does anyone else feel like Bruce is setting up an E Street: The Next Generation scenario? I feel like in 10 years Bruce will be running the operation from his lounge chair in Miami Beach, dispatching his young protoges to the far corners of the earth to play gigs while he drinks Coronas and stamps his royalty checks. OK, probably not. [Photo: Point Blank]