BLINDED BY THE LIGHT Copyright: © 2019 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. Photo Credit: Nick Wall Caption: (L-r) NELL WILLIAMS as Eliza, VIVEIK KALRA as Javed and AARON PHAGURA as Roops in New Line Cinema’s inspirational drama BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

My wife Marie and I are on our semi-annual week off from work.  We are at our condo in Ocean Grove, NJ enjoying all that this Victorian Jersey Shore Town has to offer.  It’s Labor Day weekend and the town has been full and very active.  Add to that, Saturday and Sunday was the annual Bradley Beach Lobster Festival on the boardwalk, which added even more visitors to the area.  So, yesterday, Marie said, “Do you want to go and see Blinded by the Light at the Show Room Cinema in Bradley and we can walk?”  So, I immediately said yes and we picked the show time we felt was best.   I was hoping that during this week, we would go and see the movie.  I had posted so many reviews that I had to go and support the movie the best way I know how, to see it in a movie theater and not wait for the DVD (which of course I will by anyway).  We were pleasantly surprised how quaint the experience was, from buying tickets, getting our snacks, Pop Corn, Diet Soda, a box of movie candy for me and a bottle of water and a designer chocolate bar for Marie, who also nibbled on my popcorn.  The biggest surprise we had was there was only one theater.  With the trend of the multiplexes, having just one screen was different.  With the theater seating over 200, we had a whole row to ourselves.  Our seats were very comfortable and we also had a lot of ample leg room to boot.  The only down side was there were no cup holders which was fine, because you didn’t have to worry about someone knocking over your soda as they filed past to their seats.  In November 2018, Michael and Nancy Sabino, who also own the ShowRoom Theater in Asbury Park, acquired the single-screen Beach Cinema in Bradley Beach!  It was an iconic 1920’s era theater and has been a long-time anchor tenant to this Bradley Beach’s downtown.  After the movie, we got a chance to talk with Michael and Nancy and were happy to learn that they intend to revitalize the cinema by modernizing the systems and infrastructure of the cinema and look forward to adding additional auditoriums for expanded entertainment choices.  We can’t wait till we will see Goldfinch which is their next movie scheduled.  Now to the movie.  Watching the movie was like seeing the many characters of Bruce’s songs come to life on the screen!  The movie is the journey of the main character, Javed, who is navigating life as a Pakistani in 1980’s Britain (where there is a lot of racism to any non-white Brits.)  First and throughout the movie, Javed has to deal with an overbearing father who wants his son to go to college and not be a taxi driver.  (Sounds like a dad we know, who sits in the kitchen at night with the lights off, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.)  Javed, has been writing a journal since he was ten, documenting his life with his white neighborhood friend Matt (a budding Musician who Javed writes lyrics for) and being a minority and never quite fitting into mainstream British society.  He also writes, prose, poems and essays.   He has a knack for writing, but hasn’t realized his true potential because it has been a solitary experience.  He finally finds his true calling with the assistance of his English professor Mrs. Clay who pushes Javed to find his voice, new English girlfriend Eliza who also supports Javed’s new found awakening and most of all the introduction of Bruce Springsteen’s music by a new found friend Roops.  It’s this trifecta that makes Javed’s life such an exhilarating story to watch!   So, if you haven’t seen Blinded by the Light, please go and watch it on the big screen before it leaves the theaters.  It will be well worth it!