The Boss did a little breaking and entering in his early days.

Bruce Springsteen says he “raided” Elvis Presley’s Graceland compound in 1975 when The King was still alive. While on tour in support of his breakthrough Born To Run album, the rocker says he and his E Street Band mate Little Steven slipped into Presely’s place, recalling the adventure on “The Graham Norton Show”.

“It was 1975 and we were in Memphis and Steven and I wanted to go to an all-night diner so around 3 a.m. we got in a taxi. The taxi cab said, ‘Yeah there’s one right out by Elvis’ house,’” he says, setting the scene.

“‘Elvis’ house? You know where Elvis lives? Take us there right now,’” he remembers. “Taxi driver took us to Graceland, and I got out and saw that there were some lights on in the house. Gates were locked, stone wall. I looked at Steven and I said, ‘Steve, I’m going in.’”

As the audience laughs, Springsteen continues his story, explaining the taxi driver warned him against it, citing Presley’s security and “big dogs.”

A defiant Springsteen says he “jumped over the wall, ran up the drive, got to the front door and I was just about to knock on the front door and a security guy came out of the bushes.” Pausing for a laugh, Springsteen says the security guy very casually asked, “‘Can I help you?’”

“Yes. I said, ‘Is Elvis here?’ He said, ‘Well, Elvis is in Las Vegas,’” he recalls. “I said, ‘Well, can you tell him, and I genuinely don’t like to do this but, tell him Bruce Springsteen was here. And he may not know who that is but I was just one the cover of TIME and Newsweek.‘”

Springsteen says the security guard promised to tell Elvis and walked him out to the gate.

“That’s as close as I ever got to Elvis Presley,” he finishes, with a laugh.

During Springsteen’s visit to “The Graham Norton Show”, the “Born To Run” singer reveals Presley wasn’t the only person who he idolizes, revealing he picked up some moves from Mick Jagger by practising the Rolling Stones’ frontman’s signature strut in front of the mirror as a kid.

“Every frontman worth his salt has stood in front of a mirror at some point in time with either a broom or the tennis racket and spent hours in his room moving to 45s. That was a big part of my studies,” he adds.