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Fender Maker of Telecaster Decides to Delay IPO!

By Associated Press, Friday, July 20, 7:55 AM

AP  NEW YORK — The guitar-maker Fender, finding itself playing before a hostile crowd, is reversing course on becoming a publicly traded company.  The company, whose guitars have been wielded by Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and set afire by Jimi Hendrix, said late Thursday that economic strife, particularly in Europe, has created a poor environment for an initial public offering.

Fender had originally filed its plans to go public in March. The cancellation is a blow to an IPO market that has been moribund since Facebook Inc.’s bumpy offering in May.

Fender Musical Instruments Corp. was founded in 1946 by Leo Fender and the company created the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars in the 1950s. It is based in Scottsdale, Ariz.Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Inquirer Editorial: Springsteen Exhibit OK, But What’s Next?

Posted: Sun, Feb. 19, 2012, 3:01 AM

Prior to the exhibit

Prior to the exhibit’s opening, an empty display case at the National Constitution Center awaits Springsteen’s favorite Fender Telecaster – the one featured on the cover of the “Born to Run” album. Bruce planned on using it during the Grammys telecast, but ended up playing another guitar instead. The Fender is actually a hybrid. It has a 1954 Telecaster body with a 1952 Esquire neck. (TOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer)

True, both were born in the same country (the U.S.A.) and, in fact, within about 50 miles of Trenton. And both were born to run (in the Constitution’s case, a nation). And, of course, both continue to enjoy rock-star adulation despite advanced age and significant imperfections.

Springsteen is not the most incongruous figure the Independence Mall museum has featured. At least the Boss’ title was, in the American tradition, earned rather than inherited – unlike that of Princess Diana, the subject of another recent Constitution Center exhibit. What, after all, could be more diametrically opposed to American democracy than British royalty?

New Jersey royalty is a different story, and if the Constitution Center had to feature a popular musician, Springsteen is much more appropriate than, say, Lady Gaga (another aristocrat, judging by her sobriquet). As rock stars go, Springsteen is an avid student of American history and society. His often politically pointed lyrics might get him in trouble in a country without the First Amendment.

Short of arguing that “Cover Me” foresaw the debate about the constitutionality of a health-insurance mandate, the museum has tried valiantly to emphasize Springsteen’s relevance to its mission. An ad invites visitors to “celebrate freedom of expression at the must-see exhibition.” The gift shop sells T-shirts that read “Freedom Rocks” underneath a silhouetted rock band composed of great American statesman (drums: “Honest” Abe Lincoln).

The very American imperatives of capitalism are clearly pertinent here. Pop-cultural exhibits no doubt help the Constitution Center sell tickets. And the resulting crowds may well glance over its handwritten congressional copy of the 13th Amendment as well as Bruce’s original handwritten draft of “Atlantic City.”

But the Constitution Center is also congressionally chartered and has benefitted from no small amount of government support – all of which should be considered carefully before anyone dreams up an exhibit about, say, American Idol. For a museum devoted to serious ideas, forgetting that would be a suicide rap indeed.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Concert Equipment & Rigs

The below link will tell you all you need to know about the equipment that Bruce and the Band use in their live shows.  This includes guitars, pedals, microphones and PA speakers etc…

Bruce Springsteen, Reader’s Comments, Bruce Guitars-Les Paul

Kevin M

Some more info on the 67 Les Paul – IMHO the most powerful guitar sound Bruce ever produced. His playing on this guitar – combined with his Marshall Stack – was capable of goosebump-generating raw energy – I wish he would return to this setup!

1967 Gibson Les Paul (creem)
Bruce used this guitar during the “early years” (Child, Steel Mill, Dr. Zoom & the Sonic Boom and Bruce Springsteen Band). This guitar is supposed to have been his fourth electric guitar. He bought it (aprox.) in 1968 for $300.
The guitar has blond finish, mahogany binding, mahogany neck, 23 fret fingerboard with rectangular abalone inlays, 2 humbucking pick-ups, 1 input, control plate with 1 toggle switch (includes bass, rhythm and treble) and 4 rotary controls, chrome bridge and metal tailpiece and Grover tuning pegs.
This guitar went through several transformations from sunburst to creem to sunburst and finally back to creem before Bruce sold it.
On July 25th, 2003 this guitar was on sale at “Christie’s” auction-house (New York; estimate: $35,000-40,000), but it was not sold.

Bruce Springsteen, Guitars

Here is another Takamine Acoustic/Electric cutaway with the Crossed Swords & Heart logo.  This is the first time I have seen him play a sunburst acoustic/electric with the E Street Band.  He usually plays his black Takamine that gets thrown to his guitar tec Kevin.  It will interesting to see if he will still be playing the hearts and swords guitars on the Working on a Dream Tour.



BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, KEITH RICHARDS, THE EDGE and ERIC CLAPTON have paid tribute to Fender guitar mastermind LEO FENDER, who was posthumously honoured by the Recording Academy of America during Grammy weekend (07Feb09).Fender, who died in 1991, was honoured with the Academy’s Technical Award during a ceremony on Saturday.
His Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars revolutionised rock music, and the world’s top players use either one or both when recording and performing.
In a tribute piece in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Clapton recalls the first time he saw a Fender: “It was the perfect design. It looked like a spaceship. I loved that it was new and exciting and like science fiction.”
And U2 star The Edge reveals he bought “the Strat” he performs on hits like Pride (In the Name of Love) and Where the Streets Have No Name as soon as the Irish rockers signed their first record contract.
Springsteen insists, “I will be buried with my Tele(caster) on,” while Rolling Stones star Richards adds, “There’s a beautiful individuality about Leo’s work.”

02/09/2009 10:05:12 PM

Bruce Springsteen, Guitar Rig

As he prepares to go on tour to support Working on a Dream, I thought it would be good to check out what equipment he may play or has played during the course of his career.  I found it interesting. 

Note: Bruce Springsteen has played a ton of different guitars. We’ll try to give you a good feel for what he’s played here, but aren’t going to show them all.

Fender Stratocasters (cherry red, white, natural, silver) (I have only seen him play a strat on very rare occasions, but he must have played them at sometime or maybe in the studio or at home)

Fender Classic Series '60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar Lake Placid Blue Rosewood Fretboard

Fender Jazzmaster (natural) Who Knew?

Fender 62 Jazzmaster Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst Brown Shell Pickguard

Fender Mustang (natural) Another of the Who Knew?

Fender '65 Mustang Reissue Electric Guitar Olympic White


Fender Telecasters:  OK, now we’re talking Bruce Springsteen Guitars!
 - ’52 Fender Telecaster Esquire (natural)

Fender '50s Esquire Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
 - ’52 Re-Issue Fender Telecaster butterscotch blonde (this is one of Springsteen’s best known guitars)

Fender American Vintage Series '52 Telecaster Electric Guitar Butterscotch Blonde

 - ’53 Fender Esquire/Telecaster (natural)

- Fender Telecaster with a Bigsby tremolo (2-color sunburst)

Fender Classic Series '60s Custom Telecaster with Bigsby Electric Guitar Sunburst
 - ’53 Re-Issue Fender Telecaster (2-color-sunburst)

Fender American Deluxe Series Ash Telecaster Electric Guitar 2-Tone Sunburst Maple Fretboard

 - ’63 Re-Issue Fender Telecaster (black)

Fender Custom Shop Time Machine '63 Telecaster NOS Electric Guitar Candy Apple

 - Fender Telecaster 12 string (brown-sunburst) I haven’t ever seen him use the 12 string tele.

Gibson guitars:  I know he uses them in the studio, you can see one in the “Working on the Dream” and “My Lucky Day” Videos
 - Gibson ES-335

Gibson ES-335 Satin Finish Electric Guitar Faded Cherry

 - Gibson J-45 _I think he plays one in the “Working on the Dream” and “My Lucky Day” Videos
Gibson Acoustic J-45 True Vintage Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst

 - 1958 Gibson J-200 (3-color-sunburst) I haven’t seen him play this one, though I do remember learning that he owns one. 

Gibson Acoustic Pete Townshend J-200 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Antique Natural

 - Gibson J-40 (natural)
 - 1967 Gibson Les Paul (cream) He hasn’t played one in public since he bought the Esquire/Tele.  A les paul was his main axe before that guitar.

Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Alpine White
Gretsch Country Gentleman-I know he has a White Falcon he played on the Devils & Dust Tour.

Gretsch Guitars G6122-1959 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Electric Guitar Walnut Stain

 Never saw any of the below three guitars.  He may own them or played them at one time or another during his career.

Rickenbacker 330-12 1967 (natural) 
Rickenbacker 330-12 (black)
Danelectro 56-U2 (maltshop creme)

Acoustics:  He plays them on tour…
Takamine EF341C guitar (black)

Takamine EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

Takamine EF350SMCSB guitar (3-color-sunburst)

Takamine EF-350SMC-SB Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst

Takamine EF381C guitar
Takamine EF-381C 12-String Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar


All i know is that he plays through two marshall 4 x 10 cabs.  Not sure what heads he plays them through.
Amplifers and Cabinets
- Fender Twin Reverb amps (Springsteen has many of these amps in his rig)

Fender 65 Twin Reverb Amp

- Marshall Cabinets 4×12″

Marshall 1960A or 1960B 300W 4x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet Angled

- Mesa Boogie Mark 3 amps
- Fender Bassman-Used to play through four of them through 1988 on tour.  Seems he likes the 10″ speakers

Fender 59 Bassman

- Rivera Chubster amp
- VOX AC30 amplifier
Vox Custom Classic AC30CC2 30w 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Effects and pedals
- BOSS BF-3 Flanger

Boss BF-3 Flanger

- BOSS CS-3 compressor

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Pedal

- BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive

Boss SUPER OverDrive SD-1 Pedal

- Boss digital delay DD-3

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal

- BOSS OD-3 Turbo Overdrive

Boss OD-3 OverDrive Pedal

- BOSS PSM-5 (power supply and masterswitch)
- Lexicon LXP-15 Delay
- Boogie Mark 2
- MXR distortion box

MXR M-115 Distortion III Pedal

- Petillo Dist / Boost / Treble Boost
- Rockman Chorus
- Hohner Marine Band Harmonicas
Hohner 364/24 Marine Band Harmonica Key of G
- Audix OM-3

Audix OM2 Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone

- Shure SM57

Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Mic

Strings and picks
- D’Addario Strings (used on Springsteen’s acoustic guitars. Not sure what gauges.)

D'Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Strings 3-Pack

- Dean Markley Strings (used on his electrics) Gauges: .010, .013, .016, .030,.038, .048

Dean Markley 2503 NickelSteel Regular Electric Guitar Strings

- Fender Heavy Guitar Picks (white)

Fender 351 Standard Guitar Pick White Heavy 1 Dozen

Bruce Springsteen, The Ultimate Air Guitar (Guitar Hero)

 Bruce Springsteen To Make His Guitar Hero Debut

Joining the ranks of The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and the Eagles, Bruce Springsteen is slated to lend his formidable talents to the Guitar Hero DLC library.

Springsteen will make his video-game debut by contributing something old and something new to Guitar Hero World Tour. The two-song track pack will coincide with the January 27 release of his newest album “Working on a Dream.” Springsteen’s classic “Born to Run” and a track from his upcoming album titled “My Lucky Day” are included in the pack.

“Bruce Springsteen has been a defining force in Rock ‘n Roll and we are incredibly excited to have him make his video game debut with Guitar Hero World Tour,” said Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard.

As mentioned above, the two song track pack will be available to download on January 27 via the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store and Nintendo Wii (as singles). The best part of the track pack is that it will be downloadable for free – for a limited amount of time. The deal won’t last long, only boasting the free price point till February 5, when it will sell for 320 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points per track, and $3.99 on the PlayStation 3.

Led Zeplin, Pink Floyd and a handful of other talented artists are still holding out when it comes to contributing to the music/video game space. With the Beetles and other classic artist now on board, it will be interesting to see how long they are able to fend off propositions.

Bruce Springsteen, Working on a Dream, CD Information

This from

Check for some interesting Working on a Dream details, noting that Danny Federici (as well as his son Jason) was involved in the sessions and can be heard on the album. Songs range in length from just over two minutes (“Tomorrow Never Knows”) to a whopping eight minutes (the opening “Outlaw Pete”).

Billboard also confirms that a deluxe edition will include a 38-minute DVD of studio footage (not live footage, as previously reported elsewhere). Thom Zimny was filming in the studio, and so far we’ve seen the results in the “Working on a Dream” and the “My Lucky Day” videos; look for for the bonus DVD to give us more behind-the-scenes glimpses like the first two minutes of the “My Lucky Day” video, with seven songs presented in all.

Backstreet Records will be taking pre-orders for both the deluxe edition CD/DVD and the vinyl LP release. Stay tuned!

Bruce Springsteen, Black Telecaster

Bruce with his Black Telecaster with Maple neck.