This posting is about Aldi Supermarkets that are based in Australia selling albums from some of the top charting artists.  Not sure if the US Aldi’s are selling these albums.  From what I see in the photos of the albums, these are or should be considered bootleg offerings as they are not artist issued albums.

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by Marc Rushton

22nd August, 2019

IS ALDI SELLING BOOTLEG VINYL RECORDS?Popular grocery retail chain ALDI often offer one day ‘special buys’, and this week its discounted vinyl records sold instore on Wednesday 21st August came into the spotlight.

The offer promoted Vinyl LPs for $14.99 each including artists such as Guns’ n’ Roses, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, The Rat Pack, Elvis Forever, and compilations including Jazz Legends, 60s Remembered, and Rock’ n’ Roll Classics.

The titles in questions are offered on the ‘Musicbank’ label, and fine print on the album covers is reported to state “they have licensed the music for home use”.

Some forum commentators have alleged the albums are bootlegs, while others have suggested that the titles released may be out of copyright and free for anyone to reproduce.

However, Guns’ n’ Roses’ content would not be out of its copyright period of 50 years for content produced before 2005, and 70 years for content produced after 2005.

Musicbank Limited predominantly releases live albums, and describes itself on its Facebook page as “an entertainment company that deals with audio-visual production, advertising and talent management.”

Searches reveal that official websites relating to Musicbank are no longer active, and the only email address is a free Gmail address.

When contacted about possible copyright issues by ALDI selling the LPs, the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), said they would liaise with Music Rights Australia to investigate further.

ALDI has been contacted for comment.